Hospitalization Insurance

Did you know that during a hospitalization due to an accident or illness, some expenses are not covered by group insurance or the public health insurance plan?

Hospitalization Insurance helps you cover additional expenses such as a private or semi-private room, or the fees for nursing services received during your recovery period.

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Hospitalization Insurance

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Unlimited daily benefit of up to $150 in the event of hospitalization.

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A double daily benefit in the event of hospitalization in intensive care.

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Up to $150 in the event of day surgery.

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A daily recovery benefit when the person insured leave the hospital.

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A daily benefit if the person insured stay in a rehabilitation centre.


A tax-free benefit in case of hospitalization in Canada.

Two options are available:

Accident only
Accident and Illness

An accident or illness can be expensive.

The costs associated with hospitalization can increase very quickly. Protect yourself from the unexpected:

  • Hospitalization
  • Day surgery
  • Recovery
  • A stay in a rehabilitation center

Hospitalization Insurance lets you reduce your financial stress and concentrate on your recovery.

Focus on your personal healing or your loved ones.

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